Parents’ Role in Smooth Transition from Home to School for Child

After the family, it is the preschool where children learn about socialization. When a child forwards the little legs toward a pre-school he/she is facing a delicate transition. Everyone involved in his or her life, such as parents and teachers, needs to create a warm and caring environment to facilitate the smooth transition from home to school. No one knows your child better than you. So, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to make and prepare your little ones for preschool. It might be a challenging task but with love and care, parents can deal with the issues for certain. To make a smooth transition from home to preschool for little ones, parents need to identify what issues preschool goers initially face, and how you can prepare yourself to deal with such issues. You will do your best, it’s certain. However, here are some tips and guidelines on how you can prepare your adorable child for preschool.

Deal Carefully Separation Nervousness in Your Child

You love your child most, there is no doubt about it. You always want to keep your adorable child with you. You will too not like to send your child far away from you. But sometimes separation is good for the future. And you have to accept it. In the same way, your child will also not like to stay away from you. He/she is going to face separation nervousness in the first few weeks or even the first few months. How you will deal with this concern. You need to prepare yourself first. You need to prepare your child well in advance before sending him/her to the school. You need to talk your child well in advance for the same. You need to make your child used to be away from you. You can do this by leaving your child for a few hours with a relative or trusted person.

Encourage Your Child Spend Time with Other Children

You should never keep your child always in the boundary of your home. You should encourage your child to spend his/her time with other children. This is also good for their social learning. If your child does not play or spend her/her time with other children then he/she may be introvert. And you can understand that an introvert child can face difficulty in adjusting with others.

Make Effective Communication with Your Child

You must make effective communication with your child. There are many cases, in which a child feels isolated just because of the language problem. So, it would be the best solution to speak to your child in the languages other than your mother tongue.

Teach Your Child Discipline & Have a Fixed Routine

Your child is very fond of your love and care. For this reason, he/she may not be used to follow a fixed routine. But for preschool goers, you need to have a fixed routine and make him/her follow the same. This will help him/her become accountable and disciplined. You can fix routine for a meal, sleeping and playing.

Teach Your Child Social Manners

You should also teach your child some social manners, such as how to say hello, how to make a handshake with us, etc. These activities will help him/her become an extrovert, and adjust in the school with others easily.

Provide Toilet Training to Your Child

It does not mean you need to make your child go to toilet yourself and come. But you must provide the child with a training to tell the adults whenever he/she needs to go for toilet. For example, if your child requires to go to the washroom, he/she must tell the caregivers or teachers about the same.

Parents can play a vital role in preparing their children for the best. Smooth transition from home to school cannot be achieved without the significant role of parents. And the rest can be taken care of appropriately by trained caregivers and teachers of pre-school. Pre-schools like Little Honey Pre-School & Day Care provides a warm, caring, nurturing and homely environment for your child.

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